Sephora- pop up store

AWARD: 1st Prize Winner of PAVE Sephora Competition

CONCEPT: Creating a dramatic, romantic and theatrical shopping experience for women of the city.Making sephora retail store a capital of pleasure by using extravagant settings for beauty products, skin care, hair and fragrances. The concept of Moulin rouge establishes an elegant fashion district for women.

MATERIALS: A pop up store needs temporary fixtures, furniture and materials which can be removed easily when store moves to a new location. Here we have used vinyl sheets for the flooring, and velvet curtains to cover the ceiling fixtures and give a Moulin rouge extravagant concept. The display walls have gilded frames to create sections for products. All the materials and furniture are easy to maintain and remove.

TECHNICAL SKILLS- Auto CAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe In-design, Sketch up, Ketkythea



2 sephora


3 sephora


4 sephora


TEAM MEMBER : Nupur Shah &  Hisham El Bassiousni


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