“Designing is not only for the sake of beauty, is meaning that matters”

I am a BFA Interior Design from New England School of Art and Design with primary interests in commercial, hospitality and institutional design. My passion is not just for the creative process, but for advocating to the general public the necessity of interior design in an accessible way.

 In 2009, I moved in Boston, United States, to start my career as an artist, an interior designer. In my former life, I studied Physical Therapy and built a career in the healthcare industry. Specifically, I created treatment plans with teams of specialists and built a normal healthy daily life for the patients. These inspired me to design spaces that impact those it surrounds. I believe beautiful, functional spaces make lives and communities better.

The beauty is in the details and the most good design comes from collaboration weather is it a treatment plan or an inspiring space. In addition to keeping an open mind, I also find it important to be well cultured in order to be well rounded. I have lived in 2 different countries- India and United States. Not only did these experience allow me to grow but seeing the way others go about their daily lives, understanding how and why they do things on the other side of the world, is a rare experience that not many people are able to get and will only influence the way that I design in a positive manner.
 In past few years I have been molding the path in which I want to take my career and am eager to find a job that would allow me to explore my desires even further.



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